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Hi, I'm Francis 👋🏼

I am full stack engineer, email deliverability nerd and overall fan of all things email. During the day, I currently work at Klaviyo as a Software Engineer II. At Klaviyo, the team I am on is focused on building and scaling our own internal MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) Pipeline. At night, I am currently building an open-sourced tool that is aimed at allowing users to easily lookup DNS records across multiple DNS Providers, and more.

Photo of Jules, my Pitbull.

Back in August of 2022, my partner and I relocated to Saint Petersburg, Florida from Massachusetts with our dog Jules. Jules is our Pitbull, who is 2 years old. Then in 2023, we added a new furry friend to our family, a Golden Retriever named Harold who is 6 months old.

Photo of Harold, my golden retriever.